Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Urban Forest Walks Festival: www.cooltanarts.org.uk/guided-walks

A CoolWalks South London festival of urban walks and exploration October 26 - October 28 2017

“These new walks are a great way to see the city from a completely different perspective.”

An autumnal festival with three days of walks exploring the urban environment of South London. Wander through the city’s landscape at daytime and night; forage for food and explore the tangled layers of this concrete jungle. We explore the history of cinemas, mark Black History Month and celebrate the boroughs’ famous figures, from Charles Dickens to Bob Marley.
Led by CoolWalks, a group of local volunteers from the community arts and wellbeing charity CoolTan Arts. For more information about becoming a CoolWalks volunteer yourself, please visit the website: www.cooltanarts.org.uk/volunteering/coolwalks-volunteers/

CoolTan Arts is an award-winning arts in health charity that supports adults with mental health conditions.

To book your place go to CoolWalks website: www.cooltanarts.org.uk/guided-walks

Rastafari and the Concrete Jungle walk
Thursday 26 October, 2-4pm
Meet at Kennington tube station, finishes at Oval tube station
Led by Keith Turpin

To celebrate Black History Month come and explore Kennington Park’s history of radical politics and Rastafarian roots.We will encounter both the legendary Bob Marley and William Cuffay, London’s first mixed race politician of note, and outspoken leader of the Chartist working class movement. Relive this history of resistance, visit St Agnes Place, and ask, in the lyrics of Bob Marley & The Wailers’ ‘What do you got for me, Concrete Jungle?’ 

Dickens’s South London walk Thursday 26 October, 6-8pm Meet at Borough tube station Led by Arun Mahajan
This walk through the streets of Old Borough, follows the ‘Twists and Transformations’ of Dickens’s early childhood, revisiting early Victorian London South of the River. By encountering the traumatic twists in Dickens’s early years, as he took his first tentative steps into this new city of opportunity, we reveal something of his restless spirit, manifest in his compulsive night- walking and his feelings of ‘houselessness’. We imagine again the old ground of the Borough, around the debtors prison of Marshalsea and in the places Dickens frequented: the quiet graveyard of St George the Martyr, the bustling fruit and veg market, Horsemonger’s Lane Jail, and Old London Bridge. 

The Lost Cinemas of South London
Friday 27 October 6-8pm
Meet at Bermondsey Tube Station, finishes at CoolTan Arts (155 Walworth Road)
Led by Lily Glasser
Join Coolwalks guide Lily Glasser for a walking evening Autumnal walk through South London’s cinemas past and present. Learn about the evolution of movie watching from the 1880s through to its cultural peak during wartime, and its decline in the 60s, when the highstreets were littered with cinema graves, to the current box office survival. What will the future hold for cinemagoing and the urban landscape?

City of Ghosts: Nocturnes Wonder
Friday 27 October, 9-11pm
Meet at CoolTan Arts (155 Walworth Rd)
Led by Charlie Fox
Join local artists to follow the urban fox trails, nocturnal activities and urban myths that spring out from the darkened streets. This walk allows us to enjoy the city by night, exploring the surprising haunts and unexpected hideaways together. With a downloadable soundtrack ‘Nocturnes Wonder’ composed by local artist Isa Suarez, first featured in the Camberwell Arts Festival in June 2016 and supported by Arts Council England. 

Urban Forest Foraging
Saturday 28 October 11am-1pm
Meet at CoolTan Arts (155 Walworth Rd)
Led by CoolWalks Team
Explore, Drift and Forage Join CoolWalks for this urban forage and exploration. Starting from CoolTan Arts and the Artangel Natural Selection exhibition at the former Newington Library, we will make our way along and by the Walworth Road towards South London’s gemlike gardens at Myatts Field Park. Threading ourselves through the urban green spaces that lie hidden behind the main road, we forage for the last of the fruits of the year. At the same time we will observe how the city with all its wildlife, prepares for winter. (1pm-2pm Picnic Lunch at Myatts Field Park for those staying for the afternoon Foraged Fruits cooking workshop)

Halloween Street Food: Foraged Fruits Cooking workshop Saturday 28 October, 2pm-4.30pm
At Myatt’s Field Park (Myatt’s Depot Community Garden) Led by Charlie Fox

Using the foraged material from the morning’s walk, such as sloes, rose hips, walnuts, rowan berries - the last of Autumn fruits - we will explore the wonderful world of street food through bottling, pickling and jamming. This family friendly workshop will introduce you to the extraordinary community gardens at Myatts Field, with all its fertile natural history; as we explore and experience the abundant potential of Autumn.

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