Sunday, 12 June 2016

CoolTan Arts SHS & CoolWalk Strange People

6pm Tuesday 28 June - meeting at Stockwell Tube
Duration of walk: 2 hours (6pm-8pm)
Finish at 8pm by Brixton Tube

Strange People traces post-war Brixton’s other histories through the changing and changeable gaze of the legendary David Bowie. Born just after the Second World War, David Jones spent the first 6 years of his life here, gently soaking up the faded glamour of South London’s best known shopping hub. His early childhood dreams were fed by his half-brothers love of avant-garde jazz, and fostered by his father’s love of popular entertainments.
While David Bowie decamped to the suburbs with his parents, young Terry stayed on in Brixton, estranged from his stepfather, battling his divided self; becoming a constant reminder to his younger half-brother David, of the other side of London and its people; the strange and the uncanny with all its changing and changeable faces.
This walk will trace the places both brothers would have known in the 1950’s but also look at how the area has changed and continues to change ‘identity’, from the early 20th Century, through post-war decades until the present. Exploring the faded opulence, popular culture and the hidden stories present in the streets and markets… Asking now, what future for Bowie’s Other Brixton?
At the end of the walk, you can stay for an evening meal in one of Brixton’s vibrant covered markets.

The walk is approximately 2 miles and we would ask participants to wear sensible walking footwear and weather appropriate clothing.  

Meet at exit Stockwell Tube Station, London Underground, Clapham Rd, London, SW9 9AE Stockwell Tube Northern Line or Buses 2; 50; 88; 155; 196; 333; 345

If you have any queries or would like any further information, 
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contact Charlie on 020 7701 2696, 
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