Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Brandon Library Walk

Brandon Library’s CoolWalk

Saturday, 3rd May 2014

Join us as 12:30pm as we explore the area to uncover it’s Rebels and Rebellions Start at Brandon Library, Maddock Way, Cooks Road, SE17 3NH.
Cost: Free or voluntary donation. 
Be a rebel and wear weather appropriate clothing and shoes, and bring a drink and snack.

What is mammoth about the Brandon Estate?

Which reggae rebel visited this squat?

What event charted the end of the Kennington Common 
and saw the creation of 
Kennington Park?

What crimes saw hanging, drawing and quartering 
next to the river Effra, at the Surrey Gallows, 
the Tyburn of the south?

Who were the rebel Australian cricket team to play a test match at the Oval?

What pleasures were to be had in Vauxhall for 200 years?

Which rebellious Queen of England might have done the Lambeth Walk?

And which fictional rebel Londoner’s were shot on this street?

Join us as 12:30pm, 3rd May, 2014 on 
CoolTan's Rebels and Rebellions walk 
to find the answers to these questions and much more!
Starting at Brandon Library, Maddock Way, Cooks Road, SE17 3NH.

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