Friday, 22 March 2013

Peace Walls

The Peace Wall at Peckham

'this is nice'

and there, there
is another wall in Southwark
working strange magic
- only this one, no longer
iron-cast in confusion -
brick-a-brack boxes
bold in colours, from the side
it is a non-ending optical illusion:
and at the heart,
a heart that is still-square,
nearly silent, nearly
lost amidst these words 
and their simple statements, there :
'this is nice' : 'this is Peckham' :
nothing said truer than that.
This simple wall 
extends an arm
to others. Belfast, Israel, Derry,
Philedelphia - one bright 
piece by peace, it unfurls itself.
Into other walls, other places, other hopes
of similar colours, of a 'nice' 
and simple wall. 

words by 
Penny Newell

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